Hendriksen & Kistemaker – New Testament Commentary – 12 vols

WilliamHendriksenSimonKistemakerNewTestamentCommentary12vols.jpgWilliam Hendriksen & Simon J. Kistemaker’s New Testament Commentary, 12 Volumes is an indepth bible commentary of the New Testament.
You’re not dealing with a lightweight collection of a commentary glossing over a few verses. At 12 volumes they go in depth in their commentary of the New Testatment.
Also, while you are sometimes able to pick up multi-volume collections at very low prices at ChristianBooks.com, this one doesn’t quite fall into that range. At $100, it’s not cheaps; however considering the fact this 14 volume collection, it contains thousands of pages of commentary.
Here’s the blurb:
This set is ideal for pastors and serious Bible students of the Reformed tradition. It is the only complete commentary on the New Testament written solely from a Reformed perspective. The award-winning twelve-volume hardcover set features verse-by-verse exegesis and applications, critical notes on the Greek text, chapter summaries, and extensive bibliographies and indexes of authors, Scripture, and other ancient writings enhance the usefulness of each volume.
Begun by William Hendriksen, Baker’s New Testament Commentary has earned the acclaim and respect of Reformed and evangelical scholars and pastors. Since Hendriksen’s death in 1982, the series has been continued by Simon J. Kistemaker. Four of the volumes compiled by Kistemaker earned the Gold Medallian Award (Hebrews, James and 1-3 John, Acts, and 1 Corinthians). The series was completed in 2001 with the publication of Revelation. Now, for the first time, the entire twelve-volume set may be purchased.
William Hendriksen (Th.D., Princeton Theological Seminary) was professor of New Testament literature at Calvin Theological Seminary.
Simon J. Kistemaker (Ph.D., Free University, Amsterdam) is professor emeritus of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida.

Actually, the price of $100 certainly isn’t bad for 12 books. That comes out to less than $10 per hardback.

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