Our new addition is Brandi. She is a 12 week old Cocker Spaniel. Like Lacey and most cockers, she is going to be a hard head and a handful. This gal was in rough shape when we got her from the ‘breeder’. Actually, as we later learned from the ASPCA in Harford County, he is well known to their system. He has been brought up on charges and skiped his court date. Another one is scheduled for June.

Brandi had a bad case of kennel cough, was about 1/2 the weight she should have been and was in very bad shape when Nora got her last week. She is doing much better now. Nora and I think she will be fine, once we start getting some more weight on her. She was less than 6 lbs last week (at 8 weeks of age).

Cheyanne is getting along very well with her and is really acting like a ‘Mommy’.

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