Daily Archives: 02/24/2007

E-mails Of Concerns

Over the past several days I have received several emails from friends and frequent visitors of this blog asking if I was OK.

Many people visit this blog on a regular basis to see what I was writting about, especially in the area of political and social events.

To give you an idea, one month last year I had over 1.2 million hits to this website.

I’m sure many people are disappointed to see that my usual style of hard hitting attacks against liberals has vanished from this site. Many are disappointed that I am no longer posting my ‘doctored up’ photos of liberals.

I want to assure everyone that I am fine. I have just made a decision to leave the political and social entries and writing to someone else.

My ‘free’ time has certainly shrunk over the last few months; replaced by more interaction with family.

My political and social views have not changed; I’m just not going to spend what little free time I have engaged in that activity any longer.

The little free time that I have will be spent on genealogy and bible study. I can’t continue to do that along with keeping up the previous type blog. There’s no time for writing the pieces I used to write. There’s no time to come up with the ideas and entries that I used to do.

While the previous blogging style drew a few laughs, a few hate emails, and tons of supportive emails; my previous writtings were quickly forgotten after a few days.

However, my bible study will help me forever; my genealogy research and writtings will be around for centuries and will help others interest in those family lines which I have researched.

In the long run, the bible study and genealogy research are positive activities; I really can’t say the same thing of my old style of writing.

Since I have less free time then before, I’m only going to concentrate on a very few areas.

I’m fine. I’m thinking much more clearly than I have over the last several months.

Over the next several weeks you will notice this blog change from a strictly bible and bible study blog to a more general type of blog. Bible and religion will be a category on this blog; but not the entire focus.

I’ll continue to make postings of a personal and family nature along with other type entries. From time to time I might even comment on political and social events; however, unlike the previous blog it will not be the sole purpose of the blog.

I’m doing well. I spent much of yesterday working on this blog to get it the way I wanted it. I also was able to get quite a bit of genealogy research done. It was a good day which ended in a very nice bull and oyster roast.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday – a meaningless day to me. It’s a day I can concentrate on getting some things done around the house. I’ll do a little bible study, but spend most of the day doing genealogy research.

I’m not a fan of football any longer. The new ‘thug’ type league is horrible. I can’t stand all of the grandstanding and endzone stupidity. Basketball is even worse. Few gentlemen remain in these two sports.