Daily Archives: 02/17/2007

eSword MicroSoft Word Macro – Search

I’ve found eSword to be the bible software program that I use the most. While I have Quick Verse 8 (Expanded Edition), eSword works just as well, and from my experience, is easier to use. Plus, you can’t beat the price as it is free.

One nice feature I’ve found, is a macro that works inside MicroSoft Word. This macro quickly and easily installs and is very easy to use.

Below is a diagram showing the upper left section of a Word document. On the bottom toolbar, on the left, you’ll notice the links for the eSword macro.

The feature I’m describing today is the ‘Search’ feature within eSword. In the example cited, I’ve searched on the word ‘prayer’ in the entire bible. eSword quickly finds all references to the word. I could have also put in ‘pray’ and have searched.

107 verses are located with ‘prayer’, while 306 are located with ‘pray’. From the diagram below, I can paste directly into the Word document, using various formats. More on that in tomorrow’s entry.