Daily Archives: 02/16/2007

eSword Commentaries & Bibles

eSwordCommenteryBible2.jpg While the above graphic still might be a little small to see, it does show part of the screen from eSword.

The left bottom section is for the commentaries and the right bottom section is for the dictionaries.

Look closely at the various tabs for the commentaries and dictionaries. You’ll see some of them are a little different. This indicates these tabs have comments available for the specific commentary.

I’ve made the ‘Gill’ commentary active. On the right side, I’ve clicked on the word ‘spiritual’ and you’ll see what the active tab has on it.

Unlike the upper bible section, which I like to keep rather clean, I like to have the option seeing as many commentaries as possible.

In the ‘commentaries’ section, you’ll see a tab called STUDY NOTES and another called TOPIC NOTES.

The topic notes is another vast resource, as many ‘topics’ may be downloaded. Actually, they are much more that just ‘topics’. They are complete books.