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Biblical Archaeology Review Back Issues on CD

BiblicalArchaeologyReviewArchiveCD.jpgAs a follow up on my entry from yesterday about the Biblical Archaeolog Review magazine, I now see they have a CD available.

Biblical Archaeology Review: The Archive CD-ROM (1975-2005)

Over 30 years of Biblical Archaeology Review issues are accessible on this deluxe 2-disc set. This comprehensive resource for Biblical archaeology research has all the editorial content of each issue – more than 1,800 articles and over 9,500 photos, maps, drawings and charts. It is fully searchable by keyword, author or subject. Five books published by BAS are also included.

At your fingertips – every issue of Biblical Archaeology Review from 1975 to 2005. More than 1,800 articles and 9,500 breathtaking photos, maps, drawings and charts.

Fully searchable! Can’t find that article on the Temple Mount, or David’s entry into Jerusalem, or the Siloam Pool? Just type in a keyword, author or title. When you come to a Bible citation, a click brings you to the passage in the King James version.

The cost for the CD collection is $134.95.