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Jackson Reverdy Orrell – First Genealogy Lesson

This was originally posted on another blog on 15 January 2006.
Yesterday, Nora, my mother and I, travelled to Windsor, Pennsylvania, to spend a few hours with Sara, Reb, and Jackson, and to celebrate my mother’s and Reb’s birthdays.

While there, I decided to give Jackson his first real genealogy lesson. I told him about Uncle Bob and Uncle Ed in Florida. I explained the Dewey Decimal system to him, something he’ll need to know when researching in libraries. Then I told him about all the research trips Uncle Bob and I have taken, about our trampling through various cemeteries, and about how Uncle Bob, his father, and I, are all ‘world reknown’ authors. I gave him all of the facts and even told the truth about the times Uncle Bob and I have been thrown out of archives and libraries for giving the people a hard time. I even told him about the time I plugged my laptop into an outlet at the DAR and caused an entire bank of lights to short circuit. “History is history, my grandson,” I said. “You can’t rewrite history, even though liberals try to do that all the time.”

I think he got a big kick out of the lesson.

Then I proceeded to tell him about all the other ‘Reverdys’, I’ve come across. He found that very interesting.

He really liked hearing about the Kings, Queens, Emporers, Dukes, Earls, Princes, Counts, and Knights he was decended from and how he is related to several Presidents, Governors, Mayors, and Senators.

From the looks of the photo below I think he really started to get tired when I started explaining the various blood relationships in the family and how everyone was connect.

Somehow, I think he has the right idea.