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eSword Sync

One problem I run into is running my favorite programs on more than one computer. If not careful, I often wind up not keeping the latest files on each computer.

One way around the problem is to create ‘batch’ or ‘bat’ files. A batch file is a small computer program which does a ‘batch’ of commands, one after the other.

They are small execuatable computer programs and generally aren’t that difficult to write.

I run eSword on all my computers in a directory on the c:\ drive in a directory called Esword. (c:\Esword). In order for bat files to operate properly, you must make sure that your files and directories are stored in the exact same place on every computer you use.

My ‘S’ drive is a Fire Lite portable USB 80 gig drive. This comes in very handy, being a very small external USB hard drive. I use it as my main source to back up directories and data.

Below is the bat file I use.

In order to understand the logic behind the bat file you need to know that:

1. Files with the “.not” extension are the note files from eSword. The invididual person’s own Study Notes file from the program is stored in a file called study.not. This is probably the most important file to save as it contains all of your personal study notes that you have attached to various verses of the bible.

2. Files with the “.ovl” extension are overlay files. As you configure and adjust the program to your preferences, these files are changed.

3. Files with the “.mem” extension are Memory Scripture files. The user may create several of these type files with different names. Obviously, these are important to save and keep updated on each computer.

4. Files with the “.brp” extension are Bible Reading Plan files. As these are changed, it is important to back these files up.

5. Files with the “.lst” extension are ‘list’ type files. You create these as you search and save various items, such as “the word ‘prayer’ mentioned in the bible”. You would want to save all of these.

6. Files with the “.prl” extension are Prayer List Files. This file is rewritten every time you change your Prayer Lists.

7. The file “topic.top” is the individual’s Topic File that he creates. This is another important file.

Below is the bat file that I use to copy my important eSword files to my Fire Lite USB hard drive, after I have used eSword. I call is my eSwordUP.bat file, as it copies files ‘UP’ to my USB drive. I have a corresponding eSwordDOWN.bat file that is used to copy these files back down to the local hard drive (c: drive) on each computer.

I have similiar ‘bat’ files that I use to copy my email program from computer to computer and to change the configuration within the email program.

cd S:\Esword
del S:\Esword\study.not
del S:\Esword\*.*ovl
del S:\Esword\*.*mem
del S:\Esword\*.*brp
del S:\Esword\*.*lst
del S:\Esword\*.*prl
del S:\Esword\e-Sword.GID
del S:\Esword\topic.top
cd c:\Esword\
copy c:\Esword\study.not S:\Esword\
copy c:\Esword\*.*ovl S:\Esword\
copy c:\Esword\*.*mem S:\Esword\
copy c:\Esword\*.*brp S:\Esword\
copy c:\Esword\*.*lst S:\Esword\
copy c:\Esword\*.*prl S:\Esword\
copy c:\Esword\e-Sword.GID S:\Esword\
copy c:\Esword\topic.top S:\Esword\