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Urgent Prayer Request – Ted Armstrong

KarolTed2004.jpg (Photo at left: Ted & Karol, 2004 Orrell Family Reunion)I have an urgent prayer request.

As many people know I am actively involved with genealogy. Through genealogy I have connected with several families and have come to know many more relatives.

My Orrell line can be traced back several generations in Maryland; however, I have been unable to connect to some of the other Orrell lines in Maryland. One line, the Daniel Black Orrell line, is most certainly connected to my line. I have come to know and love many members of this branch of the Orrell family.

One couple that I’ve known now for over 20 years is Ted & Karol (Orrell) Armstrong. Karol is an Honorary Charter Member of the Orrell Family Association and has always been a strong supporter of the organization.

Her husband, Ted, has also been a great supporter. Karol and Ted has hosted the Orrell Family Reunion several times over the last 20 years.

In October of 2005, Ted started feeling bad. He was diagnosed with lung cancer at that time and has undergone many rounds of chemo.

The situation has not improved. Ted has been in and out of the hospital over the last month or so. He went back in the hospital on January 26th and has recently been release to spend his final time at home.

I am currently trying to work with Karol to see if we can get what we need to continue posting updates about his condition on his blog. If that fails, I’ll probably be doing the updates on this blog.

In any event, I ask for prayer for the both of them. Having recently done through the same situation with my father a few months ago, I know how much support and prayer Karol is going to need during this time.

Ted is a good man and has been a good friend for the last 20 years. I’ve always enjoyed talking to him at the reunions. We’ve had a lot in common. Ted traded stocks, followed the stock market, and did his own investing until recently. We’d exchange ‘tips’ and would follow each other’s progress. Ted is also in the I.T. field. He is the one that got me interested in creating my own websites and starting my blogs. We would help each other out when we could. Much of that was in the way of support, constantly commenting on each other’s blogs.

It is Ted who now needs everyone’s support. It is Ted who now needs everyone’s prayers.