Daily Archives: 10/07/2006


HeadBlade.jpgAs all readers of this blog are aware, my father, Reverdy Lewin Orrell, Jr. is undergoing chemo treatment for leukemia.

During the process he lost his hair, which is common with any type of chemo.

It is during times like this, everyone reacts differently. It is a very stressful and emotion time for the person fighting cancer. It is also a stressful time for family and friends. It is also in times like this, you see the best in people and quickly realize who your closest friends are.

Most of the time, family and friends, feel completely helpless. Unless you are a doctor or nurse, there is nothing you can do from a medical point of view.

However, you do what you can to show your love and support. My father was, until recently, 85 years old with a full head of hair. While completely white, there were no bald spots. It was certainly difficult for him to go through this process, but he has handled it well.

In an effort to show my love and support, I went to the barber’s and had my head shaved. That process isn’t a complete shaving in the true sense, as a 5 o’clock stubble is always left. I then returned home and using a Mach III razor, completed the process. I also used a razor that is made for ladie’s legs. That also worked well.

I took my time and was pleased with the outcome. Of course, every couple of days I must repeat the process.

HeadBladeGlossy.jpgI came upon HeadBlade, a relatively new product. Ordering from the internet, I received it in a few days. It is rather small, not much larger that a cartridge blade itself.

I did well the first few times, although I must admit, the angle of motion is completely different than shaving one’s face.

However, about two weeks ago, I was rushed, and started working too fast. In the process, I cut deep into the back of my head, almost revealing my true depraved brain.

I learned my lesson and have slowed the shaving process down. I lather up, then take my time with the HeadBlade. The key is to make sure the underside back pad stays flush and in contact with your head at all times. Lifting the back of the unit off your head can cause big problems.

After a few minutes, I’m basically finished. I usually go back over everything with my Mach III.

I really like the look. I’ve bought replacement blades, but haven’t used a new one yet. That will happen shortly.

The HeadBlade people also sell a lotion for your scalp. The lotion comes in two types – matte finish and glossy finish. I use the glossy.

In a few weeks I’ll post a few photos of my new look. I really like being shaven. My goatee is starting to fill in.

Photos to follow shortly.