Daily Archives: 10/06/2006

Reverdy Lewin Orrell Jr – Condition Update

Dad had a rough time yesterday afternoon. This morning we had a meeting with the doctors. The pneumonia has gotten worse.

They are going to try and send him home tomorrow afternoon to spend his remaining time at home. The doctors believe it could be a few days, a week, or possibly two weeks. Another medicine will be tried at home for the first few days. If there is no improvement, hospice will be called in.

My mom is a strong woman, as evidenced from the hard head she’s raised. My father is aware of the situation and still does not think of himself, only my mom. I’m at home right now, but am packing to move in with my mom. My father has requested no calls or visitors. He wants to go peaceably.

He has asked me to do his Masonic Memorial Service, but understands the Worshipful Master has the final say. I told him I would do it if allowed to; however, if the WM grants permission, I would want him standing by my side ready to step in.

There is one thing that would make him very happy. A Mason since 1954, he knows he’ll never see Bonnie Blink (the Masonic Grand Lodge) again and talked up until yesterday about trying to go in two weeks. The Grand Lodge mints a ‘penny’ that is distributed at the annual Corn Husking event, two weeks away.

I am checking to see if the coins for this year have been minted. I would want to present him with one before he passes. He said he would want to hold a penny in his hands forever. The other one I would add to his collection. He has attended every corn husking except three. We would bury him with this year’s penny in his hands, at his request and would also put his Corn Husking baseball hat in with him.

Dad will be 86 on Tuesday. Thus far, many of my readers from around the world are starting to send him birthday cards.

If anyone wants to send him one the address is:

Reb Orrell, Jr.
1713 Fairview Ave
Halethorpe, MD 21227

His face lights up when I tell him about the 10-20 daily emails I get from around the world. The network administration contact me the other day and advised that my blog crashed the server midday because of the number of people visiting the site. Dad laughed when I told him I had over 1 million website hits last month, mainly because of people visiting the site to check on his condition.

He remains in good spirits and is resting peaceably without pain.

It will take me a little while to get set up on my father’s computer and I’ll be in and out tomorrow.

Please use both reb@depravedbrain.com and reborrell@yahoo.com when contacting me until further notice.

I’ll keep you posted.