Daily Archives: 10/02/2006

Reverdy Lewin Orrell, Jr. (Condition Update)

1318.jpgNOTE: I’ve placed a link in the upper right section of the blog labeled ‘ Reb Orrell Jr – Condition Update’. You can click on the link at any time and be taken to the latest updates on Reb’s personal blog.)

My father, Reverdy Lewin Orrell, Jr. (Military photo at left, abt 1945) was admitted into Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland yesterday.

Very weak upon his routine arrival at Hopkins, he was quickly placed in a wheelchair and administered oxygen. His blood results showed that he was still in kidney failure and that there was a problem with his liver.

He was given plasma and immediately hooked up to an I.V. to try and raise his levels. In the evening a CAT Scan was performed on his kidney and liver. Results are not yet known.

He was resting comfortably when my mother and I left the hospital about 9:40 PM last night. I’ll be leaving to go over today, as soon as I finish this blog entry.

He was glad to go to Hopkins yesterday and was happy to be admitted. There he will receive 24 hour treatment.

It is hoped he will be there for a few days, until his levels rise. I would anticipate a stay, at least until next Tuesday, when he next visit with the leukemia specialists is scheduled.

I’ll keep you posted.