Pastor Jeff Schreve

JeffSchreve.jpgTo the left is Past Jeff Schreve of Senior Pastor of First Baptist Texarkana.
I happened to be channel surfing yesterday, and came across his show. I stopped and watched the last ten minutes of it. I then downloaded a few of his podcasts to listen to.
Go here for his website.
He seemed to be a good teacher with a nice way of putting things. I noticed that he gave good examples when he was talking, much in the way Charles Stanley does.
Just repeating God’s word doesn’t work for most people. Giving clear cut examples using modern day life, helps people understand the message. He gets the message across.
Pastor Jeff’s show is called “From His Heart”. You can check his website for details. I found it on one of the religious networks.

Peter Vasco – Franciscan Foundation Holy Land

PeterVascoFranciscanFoundationHolyLand.jpgAnother TV show we’ve discovered on EWTN is ‘Franciscans in the Holy Land’ hosted by Peter Vasco.
I’ve become very impressed with the Franciscans.
The TV show is well done. One nice thing about having the setup we have, is that we can press a very buttons and tell the unit to record the ‘first run’ show whenever it comes on. It saves it to the hard drive and we watch later.

Pastor Jack Hayford

JackHayford.jpgNora and I caught Jack Hayford’s TV show on one of the channels last week. We both like it. I’ve can remember listening to him on radio years ago also.
I like his style of delivery.
His ministry is called ‘Living Way’.

Frederick K. Price & 20/20 News (Revisited)

I posted an entry about a 20/20 News piece that blasted Fred Price.
Having seen the YouTube video below (go to about 3:32 to see what Dr. Price actually said), I must admit that ABC 20/20 acted horrible in their story. No wonder I hate watching the news any more.
They took his entire comments out of context. He was making a point. If you listen to the entire video you’ll pick up on that. What ABC did was horrible. Shame on you 20/20.

The Rapture of the Church – John Hagee

Here is a 10 minute segment from one of John Hagee’s sermons on the Rapture.
Turn on your speakers and click on the button in the center of the screen below.

Charles Stanley Podcast

CharlesStanleyPODCASTblog.jpgYesterday I wrote about Chuck Swindoll’s Podcast. Today I’ll turn my attention to Charles Stanley. Charles Stanley is probably my favorite preacher / bible teacher. I like his preaching style.
I would listen to his broadcast everyday, while driving. I would always watch his weekly TV broadcast.
He too, has a free podcast. As with most podcasts, you’ll have to go through a registration process; however, it only takes a minute.
You can learn more about his podcast by going to this link (—daily-radio-program/recent )

Chuck Swindoll Podcast

There are only a handful of preachers and bible teachers that I truly enjoy listening to. I’ve always enjoyed Chuck Swindoll’s “Insight for Living” radio broadcasts. I can remember years ago having a job that allowed me to drive around most of the day. I would tune into his show every day.
With the advent of the computer and the internet, many of these preachers and bible teachers place their daily shows on websites for downloading. You can either visit the website and click a button to listen to the show directly from the internet or you can ‘save’ the broadcast directly to your computer and listen to it at anytime. In fact, with the iPods and mp3 players, you can transfer the recording onto your portable device and take it with you. There is software that will automatically download the shows without you having to visit the website at all. It does it for you. Then you can sync the recording directly to your iPod.
Many such shows are commercial. You must pay for the right to download the broadcast; however, many are totally free. I used to have a pay subscription to download various conservative talk radio programs (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage). Generally you’d pay about a dollar a week or $50 – $70 per year.
Chuck Swindoll offers a free podcast. I manually download his shows about once a week, then transfer to my Creative Zen iPod.
You can go to this link ( ) to learn more. I’ve also placed a link on the right side of this blog under “Podcasts I Recommend”. Just click on that graphic and you’ll be taken directly to the website.

Pope John Paul

PopeJohnPaul.jpgI always liked Pope John Paul. I remember seeing this montage of him several years ago and have tried to locate it in a small size (5×7). I’ve never been able to locate it.
Artist is Stephen Doig.
I’ve seen posters on the web in 16×20 or 20×24 size.
However, a few weeks ago while at the National Basilica in D.C., I was able to purchase a small version. It was a little smaller than I wanted, but it is very nice.
The one I bought was about the size of a business card. It’s laminated and should hold up.

Dr. Frederick K. Price & 20/20 News

Looks like Dr. Fred Price was raked over the coals by 20/20 News.
Here is the actual quote from the 20/20 program:
“The givers are very confident that they will. One parishioner told ABC News that “when I give to this church, I know that my money’s being put to excellent use. Without one question.” While her pastor, Fred Price of Ever Increasing Faith Ministries, does support inner city programs with donors’ money, she’s apparently not bothered when he also boasts that “I live in a 25-room mansion, I have my own $6 million yacht, I have my own private jet and I have my own helicopter and I have seven luxury automobiles.” At least he tells his parishioners about all this wealth, but many preachers don’t advertise how well they live.”
Obviously his supporters are up in arms about the comments and are banging the doors down at ABC. They are claiming the above is entirely false and that he doesn’t own any of the above and was only using that comment as a fictional observation that God wants the best for you.
His supporters might be correct in their concerns.
However, I have watched Dr. Price for years and must admit I’ve heard him make some questionable comments I remember him once saying something about his gold watch and Mercedes. Yes, he said it in the context that God ‘wanted him’ to have those things. I believe he also said they were gifts from supporters.
Just as my own observation, he could have declined those gifts or said something to the giver like, “I’d glady accept the $25 Timex – gift the rest to charity” or “I’d accept a cheaper car – contribute the rest to the needy.”
It didn’t sit well with me that he was flaunting these things. I didn’t like that at all, especially coming from a minister.
With that being said, all in all, when I watched his program on a regular basis (which I did for years), I thought he gave a good message and was always one of my favorites. However, with that said, I haven’t watched him the last few years.
Of course, we know how biased the news media is. It is very possible they took everything out of context.

J. Vernon McGee – mp3 Downloads

JvernonMcGee2.jpgI’ve always been a fan of J. Vernon McGee.
His ‘Thru The Bible’ radio program was great. I loved listening to him talk and explain everything.
A few years ago I bought the five hardbound books with his entire series in it.
In fact, for a fee, I could get these same books in commentary format for E-sword.
I’ve just discovered another sermon website called Go to this link and you’ll find the complete listing of J. Vernon McGee broadcasts that are available for free download in mp3 format.