St. Francis of Assisi

Here are three stunning photos from Friary Lane in the Franciscan Friary and St. Anthony’s Church in Athlone, Ireland.
Originally founded in 1240, the current friary was built in 1869. The church was built 1930.
This is St. Francis and a child.
Here is their website:

Thru The Bible – J. Vernon McGee

Years ago when I was driving for a living, I used to get chance to listen to Christian radio all day long. It was especially enjoyable during those times when I was on the road without having to stop for an extended period of time.
I used to catch Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s “Thru The Bible” radio show daily. Dr. McGee took you through the entire bible in about five years.
Last year I bought his five volume hardbound set of ‘Thru The Bible’ books, which covers quite a bit of what he said on his shows.
He is thought very highly of and his show is well known. I could purchase his commentary for my eSword software; however, the software at about $80 is more expensive than I paid for the hardbound printed version.
You can go to J. Vernon McGee’s website and download every recording in mp3 format. It will take quite a bit of time to do so. Also, you could order everything directly from their website.

St. Thomas Aquinas

StThomasAquinas.jpgEWTN has a show called ‘Super Saints’ hosted by Bob and Penny Lord.
This appears to be a rather low budget show. The Lords travel around Europe learning about the various Saints of the church.
Recently I saw their show which featured St. Thomas Acquinas.
I really liked this episode.
I understand that Thomas constantly prayed to God to remove any worldly concerns or cares from him. Thomas wanted to concentrate on serving God, without having any earthly temptations.
Thomas wanted nothing to do with the world. He only wanted to serve God and do what God wanted.
We live in a society which bombs us with every TV and radio ad to ‘buy this’ and ‘buy that’. Our society and culture plasters our minds with worldly items.
Many people fill various voids in their life by constantly buying ‘worldly pleasures’.
St. Thomas Aquinas wouldn’t fit in today’s society very well.

Fr. John Corapi – “Surrender In Not An Option”

If only more Americans and Christians thought like John Corapi, we’d be a much better nation.
Father John Corapi- Surrender is not a option

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Podcast – Direct Feed Links + Software

JuiceLOGO.gifI have a link for various podcasts on the right side of this blog.
To be quite honest with you, you generally have to jump through hoops to get the correct full feed to plug into your podcast download software.
iTunes is a very popular software tool for downloading podcasts; however, there are several others out there.
I’ve just downloaded a program called Juice (logo to the left). Go here for their website and to download this program. I’ve only fooled with it a lit bit, but it works well.
As I mentioned, you sometimes have to jump through hoops finding out the direct link to the podcast. That’s the full URL that you paste into the podcast software to download the various shows. The section below should help you out. I’ve written out the complete link.
Charles Stanley (In Touch Ministries)
John Hagee (Cornerstone Chuch)
Chuck Swindoll (Insight for Living)
Jack Hayford
Sunday Night: Live with Father Benedict Groeschel
EWTN Live (Fr. Mitch Pacwa)
EWTN – Threshold of Hope (Fr. Mitch Pacwa)
If you find out direct feeds for these shows please advise. Also, if you have direct feeds for other preachers, please send them in.

Fr. John Corapi – 9/11 – Six Years Later

Fr. Corapi – 911: Six Years Later…The Approach of Midnight.
Here’s Fr. Corapi. He is outstanding.

Perry Stone – “Manna-fest”

PerryStoneMannaFest.jpgI’ve recently discovered “Manna-fest”, a TV show from the ministry of Perry Stone.
I’ve watched two of his shows so far. He’s a little different. One thing I like is that he makes great use of visual aids in his teaching.
From his website:
The focus of this ministry is fourfold:
1. To win the lost to Jesus Christ in America & overseas.
2. To teach the Body of Christ our Hebraic roots.
3. To expose people to the anointing and the Holy Spirit through evangelism and worship crusades.
4. To use modern technology to teach and preach the Word of God.

Fr. John Corapi

FatherJohnCorapi.jpgIf you’re tired of listening to ministers and priests that preach a ‘feel good’ sermon and would rather listen to someone who has no problem teaching the true word of God, Father John Corapi should be high on your list.
This guy doesn’t play around or mince any words. I like that. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d say he could easily pass for a bible-thumping, Souther Baptist minister.
He has a deep booming voice and lays it right on the line. I appreciate that. I’m not into sugar coating when it comes to the bible.
He was ordained by Pope John Paul II. He is member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT). His theological perspectives are orthodox, placing a central emphasis on fidelity to Catholic doctrine as taught by the magisterium of the Church.
Here are some of his quotes:

  • “In the end, forever, you and I will be in Heaven or Hell. Period.”
  • “I’m not going to hell for anybody!”
  • “You know why the world is a stinking mess? I have failed to be as holy as I am called to be. Bottom line. I don’t have any control over anybody else. I’ve gotta deal with ME. One person at a time we must be perfected as our Heavenly Father is perfect.”

  • Try this video out. Click the button in the middle:

    Fr. Benedict Groeschel

    FrBenedictGroeschel.jpgI’ve listened to Fr. Benedict Groeschel several times on the EWTN channel.
    I’m amazed at his insight and knowledge. One thing I like is that he explains the workings of the church (mainly Catholic Church) in a manner you can understand.
    He is a trained psychologist.
    We have his show set up to tape, whenever it comes on.

    Fr. Mitch Pacwa – Threshold of Hope

    FatherMitchPacwa.jpgFr. Mitch Pacwa hosts a show on EWTN called “Threshold of Hope”.
    I’ve watched it several times and like the way he presents everything.
    Lately, he’s been going through the writings of Pope John Paul II. Some of what he says goes over my head, but he does his best to explain everything.