Jackson Feeding The Deer

Here’s a photo and Jackson and his Daddy feeding the deer at the West Virginia White House.

Jackson – Do You Like My Hat? part 2

Here’s another photo of Jackson Reverdy Orrell showing off his hat.

Jackson – Do You Like My Hat? part 1

Here’s a photo of Jackson Reverdy Orrell from a few months ago.

Jackson In The Pool

Here’s a photo of the Pop-Pop, Nana, and Jackson in the pool.

Jackson & Yohoo

Here’s a photo from a few months ago with Jackson and his Daddy. Jackson is getting his first taste of Yoohoo.

Happy Birthday Jackson

EdwardVOrrellBootMaking.jpgIt’s hard to believe but Jackson is one year old today.

It was an exciting evening for everyone last year, as we drove to York County Hospital and met with Sara and Reb before they went into the delivery room.

I remember after they brought him out for us to see. I took a quick photo with the cell phone and with another camera.

I really didn’t get a good look at him until a few days later when we came home. It seems my eyes were a little watery that evening.

For Christmas, only five days old, I gave him a copy of the book I wrote called ‘Reverdy’. After all, if he’s going to have the name he may as well know it’s history.

For his birthday this year, he’s getting one of my most prized possessions. The photo to the left shows the actual working tools of Edward V. Orrell (Civil War Veteran) and Great – Great – Great – Great Grandfather of Jackson Reverdy Orrell.

I had a plaque made up for it, properly engraved. Scott Williams, a cousin in Missouri, had a few book making tools in his possession and sent them to me. Actually the top and bottom didn’t go together and did fit. I had a friend weld them together for me several years ago.

It’s the only thing I had of my great great grandfather and I’m blessed to be able to pass it along to my grandson.

Happy Birthday Jackson !

Can You Tell I’m Happy ?

Here is a photo that was on Reb & Sara’s camera.

It is one of Nora’s favorites. In fact, I just ordered here a 5×7 of it.

Can you tell that Jackson is happy?


Jackson & His Daddy

Here is a photo of Reb & Jackson from last weekend.

Jackson has a look on his face like he’s saying:

“It’s cool. Everything is OK. I’m with my Daddy.”


Jackson – Christening – Four Generations

Here’s a four generation photo from Jackson’s christening.

If only my father had still been here for this.


Jackson At The Beach

Here’s a photo of Jackson at the beach.