The Fawn & The Dog

A fawn followed this beagle home — right through the doggie door — in the Bittinger, MD area. The owner came home to find the visitor had made himself right at home. This hit the 6 o’clock news big time.

Jackson & Braunsweiger

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for about a month. For the first time ever, Reb, Sara, & Jackson are staying a complete weekend with Nora and I at the West Virginia cabin. They arrived a little after 8 PM last night with Jackson wound up and in rare form.
It seems the dogs scare him a little. He has two dogs (Hammish and Dakota); however, they’re large dogs and tend to ignore him. Our dogs are much smaller, at his eye level, and Brandi (the cocker) does anything but ignore him.
One game Jackson loves to play is ‘horsey’ which he jumps around like a horse. He’ll run, or rather semi-skip through the house. We have fun chasing him around.
I fixed a nice dinner of Bubba burgers and polish kabasa. Seems Jackson loves ‘dip’. This isn’t the regular ‘dig’ you and I might eat. His dip is nothing more than ketchup. He loves it and constantly ‘dipped’ his hot dog in it.
Naturally Grandpop’s been preparing this visit for some time. I threw out some deer corn yesterday afternoon to entice a deer presense in the back yard. It worked as we had a nice size female doe show up about 9 PM. This morning I’ll have to put Jackson to work in helping to throw out some more deer corn.
I prepared for the visit at the store yesterday. A few months ago I introduced Jackson to lentil soup, a family favorite for generations. If he’s going to have the surname “Orrell” he must be exposed to family favorites. Last night I introducted him to braunsweiger. Most people hate it; however Jackson, bit off a nice chunk, plunged it into his dip, and eat it all. As you can see from the photo below, he not only ate it, but also smeared it everywhere.
I also bought a package of ginger snaps. Again another ‘Orrell’ favorite. He couldn’t have it though, as he has a peanut allergy and the product was made in a factory that used peanut oil. I’ll have to check the cartoons closer in the future.
Today, he’ll get introduced into other ‘Orrell’ favorites. Since he like ‘dip’ of ketchup, it seems logical that he’ll like the Orrell favorite of V-8 juice. After all, they both have a tomato base. Reb & I will go easy on him and give him the straight up out of the bottle version. When he gets older Reb & I will give him our favorite version which involves taking the V-8 juice and adding a lot of ‘hot sauce’ to it. You can buy a ‘spicy’ or ‘zesty’ version of V-8, but we like to spice up our own. By the way, stay away from the ‘low sodium’ version of V-8. It’s horrible.
Let’s see – we also have some tapioca and some rice pudding for later. Reb & I love that also.
Also, we’ll give him another favorite which can involve another type of ‘dip’. I bought a block of mild sharp chesse. We’ll let Jackson ‘dip’ this into some syrup. That’s been an Orrell favorite for decades.
As an added bonus, we’ll also let him try some YooHoo later today. His father and I love to slam back a bottle of that now and then. As you can see, I’ve been getting ready for this weekend for quite a while.
Today, we’ll all go down to Winchester, Virginia and walk around Old Towne. We’ll tour the gardens and other areas, then return back here and go in the outdoor pool. Nora and I went yesterday afternoon and the water was wonderful.
The pleasures of being a grandparent are endless. Nora said she wants to teach him ‘hide and seek’ this afternoon. I guess we’ll let her in on the action and have some fun also.

Jackson Reverdy Orrell

My son pointed out that I have been remiss in my grandfatherly duties. Seems I started a section of photos on the non-blog portion of this website for Jackson, but haven’t updated since the first set of photos.
He’s right. I’ve only posted photos to the “Jackson Reverdy Orrell” portion of this blog and have neglected to also put the photos in the other section. I’ll remedy that this week.
To see all blog entires of Jackson Reverdy Orrell go here.
To see the website portion of photos (which will be updated this week) go here. The website portion only contains 1 page; however, I’ll expand that to several pages in a few days.

Jackson Reverdy Orrell & Lentil Soup #2

Reb’s dog Hamish is now close to ten years old. He’s the doggy garbage disposal in their household. Naturally, he’s right there when Jackson is eating.
Look closely at the photo below and you’ll see how much Jackson loves lentil soup. You can just see the top of Hamish’s head in the lower right portion.
Jackson is giving Hamish a serious look while eating his lentil soup.
The next rite of initiation will be braunswager sandwiches with ketchup and onion. We figure this will take place next year at a baseball game. You just can’t go to a ballgame without braunswager sandwiches.
After that, we’ll give him a nice garlic bologna sandwich with some good spicy mustard! Nothing better than that, but it’s got to be a good brand of lunchmeat for a good garlic taste.
After that we’ll let him try some sliced chesse on Ritz crackers with some syrup on top. That’s been a big family treat for years.
Then, we he gets a little older, we’ll let him try a very lean raw beef sandwich with onion and salt and pepper. I’ll guess we’ll wait on the raw oysters for a few more years.
Nora and Sara just shake their heads.
“Hamish – you’re crazy if you think I’m sharing any of my lentil soup with you!”

Jackson Reverdy Orrell & Lentil Soup #1

Every family has traditions. Most families have special meals that have been handed down for generations.
In the Malle – Orrell family, one of our special meals is lentil soup. This actually started in the Malle family, probably before 1900.
My Mother’s Mother (Catherine Louise Simmont) made a very simple soup. Her lentil soup is very easy to prepare and has long been a favorite with some of the Malle family. My Mom introduced it to the Orrell family back in 1948 when her and my Dad got married.
The recipe is very simple:
Take a pot of water, add several chopped onions, add three bags of lentils, and add about three pounds of hot dogs. That’s it. You could also add small cut potatoes or carrots, but we don’t do that. Just put it on the stove, turn the heat up high and stir often. It will be done in under an hour.
Over the years, I’ve sometimes changed the recipe up a bit – now, more than not – using Polish hotdogs instead of regular hotdogs. I generally get the longer hotdogs and buy everything in a 3 pound package for about $5.00. I’ve even used the ‘hot & spicy’ hotdogs from time to time.
After the soup has cooked, I used to thicken it up a bit, frying up some Criso with flour. I’d just pour it into the big pot when the sauce thickened; however, I’ve gotten away from doing that several years ago.
One of the little secrets we do is to add dark cider vinegar to the individual containers before freezing. If out of dark cider vinegar, I’ve also used white vinegar and have even used some other types of vinegars. The vinegar gives it a little ‘kick’, although most people don’t like it like that. You can either freeze the portions, thaw out and heat up, or as I prefer, just eat cold.
The above recipe makes about 15 large bowls of soup.
Eating your first bowel of lentil soup is a rite of passage in our family. I took up my large soup pot and made a huge batch for Reb yesterday. Naturally, it was time for Jackson to go through his initiation.
He gobbled up the soup. (We didn’t add any vinegar to it this time.)
Yep, he’s a true member of the Orrell family as you can see from the photo below:

Jackson Reverdy Orrell – Mother’s Day 2008 #2

Here’s the second photo that Reb, Sara, and Jackson gave to Nora for Mother’s Day 2008.
This one is a classic showing Jackson giving a High 5 to Daddy.
Do you think Jackson loves his Daddy?

Jackson Reverdy Orrell – Mother’s Day 2008 #1

Here’s one of the photos that Reb, Sara, and Jackson gave to Nora for Mother’s Day 2008.
I really like this photo:

Website & Blog Stats

In March we had 6,191 visitors or which 2,676 were ‘unique’ visitors to this blog and website. A total of 13,411 pages were viewed which included 75,815 hits. We used a total of 958.28 megs of bandwidth (almost 1 gig).
This was our highest total this year.
Surprisingly, these figures are that bad in light of the figures from most of last year. This blog was originally a conservative, hard hitting, politically incorrect blog, which had a nice following. Naturally, after it turned to a religious blog, many people left. However, it appears that more people are finding and supporting this blog and website in spite of it’s new direction.

Website & Blog Update

I’ve added a few items to the right side of the blog.
I’ve added a section called “Our Churches” and have placed photos of the Roman Catholic Church of the Crucifixion.
I’ve also added a section called “My Favorite Preachers”. Included are some Catholic Priests.
Nora and I watch ETWN (the Catholic cable channel) plus several other religious cable channels.
We’re both open and respectful of each other’s faith and enjoy attending each other’s churches. We don’t agree with each other on parts of our religions, but we are respectful of each other’s beliefs. We view the Lord’s Supper differently, but agree that it is one of the most important part of any religion. We disagree on some of the Catholic Sacraments (i.e. confession), the existance of purgatory, plus a few other items.
I’m sure all of the men listed either share or disagree with us and each other. God gave free will to all of us. I don’t ‘tow the line’ with everything the Southern Baptist faith believes (i.e. ‘graven images’). I feel the Baptist faith takes that commandment out of context. The Southern Baptist Convention is never going to change their policy on that and I’m not about to change my position either.
I’ve grown very fond of three Catholic Priests – Fr. John Corapi, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, and Fr. Mitch Pacwa. I watch their TV shows from beginning to end and am amazed at their knowledge. While I don’t agree with their stance on every issue, I am very pleased with their outstanding knowledge.
If I were to hear Fr. John Corapi speak on something other than the Catholic Catechism or Sacraments, I’d swear he was a Southern Baptist. He’s a hard nose – no nonsense kind of guy. Fr. Groeschel is a very soft spoken man. I enjoy his show very much. Fr. Mitch Pacwa is outstanding. This past week he’s gotten rather upset with both Democratic contenders with their stance on abortion and gay marriages and strongly spoke out about Obama misquoting the scriptures. I loved listening to him as he tore apart what Obama had to say.
Chuck Swindoll and Charles Stanley have been favorites of mine for many years. The same goes for John Hagee. Yes, I know he sometimes crosses the line in his comments. He’s passionate in his beliefs and even though he might go a bit overboard at times, I agree with nearly everything he says. My only problem with him is that he sometimes starts yelling.
J. Vernon McGee died several years ago; however, his ‘Thru the Bible’ radio show is a classic. I’ve downloaded several parts of it and enjoy listening to him explain things. I also have his commentary in printed form.
I’m also a fan of Jack Hayford. I find him to be a very gentle man and enjoy the way he gets his point across.

Forthcoming Website & Blog Changes

No, don’t worry! Nothing as drastic as before when I changed from a politically incorrect op-ed social commentary blog to a bible based blog. I have no intention of changing the theme of this blog.
However, I am working on a few things that you’ll slowly start to see.

  • Currently, I’m locating sources citing a harmony of the gospels in the Life of Christ. While several appear to be well done, I’m trying to come up with something a little different. I’ll probably make this available as a webpage with a link from the blog. The section will be entitled “The Life of Christ”.
  • Persuant to the above, I’m gathering various images from paintings, drawings, sculptures, stained glass, etc to display the different events in Christ’s life. It would be nice to tie in a scripture verse with an image when putting the Life of Christ in a chronological order, or have a main page listing all the events in Christ’s life, with links to specific pages concentrating on individual events.
  • NOTE: The above is a huge task. Don’t look for it anytime soon !
  • The following is also tied into the above mentioned project. I have a stamp collection of The Life of Christ that needs to be scanned. I have no idea how many pages or how many stamps are in the collection; however, it will take quite a bit of time to scan.
  • I’ve collected many images for the website that will be used in the items mentioned above. Also, I need to take these images and add appropriate bible verses to them for individual postings on this blog.
  • While the items above are things that I’ll eventually do on the blog and website, my first priority will be to continue my private bible study.